MUNCHI POWER! = Healthy kids



Hello Friend! If you have found this book it is your destiny to learn about the dimension of the living Earth, Gaia, and Munchimonster’s home, Whistling Falls meadow. Although Gaia is next door to my summer camp it is invisible until one crystalizes over Prism Bridge to get there. Once there all kids receive a special power. Gaia is a place where plants walk on their roots and talk! Bad plants drive and eat krud grub!

We must defend Gaia. You see, under the meadow is a kruddy city, Hazard Hollow! It s ruled by rotten King Littermoore, a noxious weed who wants everything to stink! Gaia is an ancient name for the living Earth, and like an elephant, or a tree, it is a living organism. Whatever happens in Gaia affects our own backyard because all ecosystems are connected like a family, even invisible systems!

Gaia is in grave danger. I need all the help I can get to save nature. Before you open up your book, put one hand on your heart & the other on a tree and say, ‘I promise I will never reveal anything in this book to an agent of Hazard Hollow’ and ‘I am at nature’s service!’ – Prof. Heart

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